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Any More Questions? (Survey Results)

I surveyed over 200 people, 202, to be exact. I asked them, “What’s one of the most important questions you ask yourself to keep growing personally and/or professionally?” Here’s the complete list of their responses.

Short and Powerful

  1. What don’t I know?

  2. What's the next step?

  3. Was I at my best today?

  4. What's next?

  5. Why are you doing this?

Big Questions

  1. Am I doing this for my benefit, or for my family or client’s benefit?

  2. What do I need to be grateful for?

  3. Why am I here?

  4. Is what I'm doing for naught?

  5. How much of what I'm putting my time and effort into is going to matter or be remembered?

  6. Am I making this decision out of fear or out of faith?

  7. Am I helping or hurting the project?

Strategic and Tactical

  1. Were we as committed to our growth/turnaround as we could have been? Were we as focused on things in general, as we could have been? Did we allow anybody/anything to stall our progress/positivity?

  2. Where do I want to be in 5/10 years?

  3. What needs to be done?

  4. How can I/we serve our customers better? What do I / we need to accomplish it?

  5. Am I using my time most effectively for the results I want?

  6. What is the most productive thing I can do today in order to move the needle in terms of growth for my business?

  7. What are my outcomes for today?

  8. Is this task I'm doing the best use of my time right now?

  9. What is something worth spending my time on, that as a result of that time spent, a resulting positive impact will be experienced by the people I'm called to serve?

  10. What is the next role/area that I'm interested in moving into and what am I doing to prepare for that move?

  11. What new technology can I learn (both in general and specific to my industry)?

  12. What technology do I already know but can use differently?

  13. Who do I need to network with?

  14. Who do I already network with that I can leverage differently?

  15. Is what I am doing at this moment going to add to my personal improvement or business growth?

  16. What is the latest trend in (my industry) and how can be better than my competition?

Spiritual Questions

  1. Who am I doing this for and will it give him (God) the glory? How will (this) benefit him and what can I learn from (it) so that I can teach others?

  2. What God is directing me to do.

  3. What is God doing around me right now and how does He want me to join Him?

  4. Does what I am considering take me away from or closer to my purpose that I feel God has given me?

  5. What does God my Savior Jesus want me to do? Does He want me to lean in more and let process play out? Or does He want me to push forward?

  6. Am I working effectively in God's kingdom for the eternal benefit of Him and others?

  7. Am I truly growing closer to The Lord, or just reading His Word? Which challenges me to read closer.

Relational Questions

  1. Who is one person I can help today? Who is praying for what I have to offer?

  2. What can I do today to earn the respect or my co-workers?

  3. How can I do a better job of communicating to others?

  4. “Do my words and actions encourage growth in my personal relationships in a way that I can be of influence others, as well as be influenced in ways that are all pleasing God?

  5. What can I do to better understand what the other person is thinking or basing his or her assumptions upon?

  6. What can I do today to help someone see beyond their complaints?

  7. How can I be more grateful, and place myself in a position to help others?

  8. What can I do today to make at least one person's life better today?

  9. Is this helping me or helping others?

Personal Development

  1. Am I making decisions that my future self will thank me for?

  2. Will this time-investment better position my future?

  3. At the end of the day, am I better today than I was yesterday?

  4. Is what I’m doing right now where I want to be in two years?

  5. What the hell were you thinking and how can you grow from it?

  6. Where do I want to be in 5/10 years?

  7. What is the lesson?

  8. What the hell were you thinking and how can you grow from it?

  9. Do I give myself enough "self-care" time, so I can regenerate?

  10. How best to manage my time and financial resources to be the person I'm ordained to: 1. Be healthy 2. Be graceful and a blessing to others 3. Be a force for positive change 4. Be an example for my children

  11. Could I be doing better? Did I give it my all or did I slack some?

  12. Where will this lead me in 5, 10, 15 years from now?

  13. How am I better today than I was last week, last month or even a year ago?”.

  14. Professionally speaking, “Am I of more value to the company today than last year?

  15. Even though I don't want to invest the time, will this time-investment better position my future?

  16. What don't I know about a subject - whom do I need to listen to or what are the opportunities to research it?

  17. Is what I'm doing right now where I want to be in 2 years?

  18. Am I better today than I was yesterday?

  19. What am I doing to challenge myself creatively? (For me, this usually entails creative writing).

  20. Out of everything I have to get done today, which task can I become more efficient and productive at doing?

What's on your list? I'd love to hear from you.

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