"The Book of Psalms and How Life Happens" (Hint: it's not all green pastures and still

I've been leading a study of the book of Psalms at our church for the past two months and decided to write the course myself rather than popping in a DVD and using someone else's material for discussion. "Why?", you ask. Because I thought I would learn more from the additional study this would require. Boy was I right - for two reasons. First, I certainly learned a lot more by writing my own material. Second, it took a LOT OF ADDITIONAL STUDY. I'm now somewhat of an authority on how much I don't know about Psalms, how much more there is to learn, and how I have grown through preparing this "tip-of-the-iceberg" study to share with the class.

You may be surprised to learn that, while there are some beautiful and comforting passages in Psalms, many of them are more disturbing than consoling. For every "The Lord is my shepherd," there is a "How long O Lord?!" Take a quick look at these verses Psalms 13:1; 37:15; 79:1; 89:46.