What Could You Give Away Today? (An Experiment in Generosity)

Dan Rockwell writes a blog that I read most days called Leadership Freak. Here's a short story he wrote about generosity which he generously gave me permission to share this with you.

"I cashed my wife's $48 check and determined to give it away. A few days later we found ourselves in line behind a young couple in a department store. She's holding a small package of diapers. He has a set of jumper cables. I said, "Those jumper cables don't look good." He said, "We're traveling to visit family. We can't get our car started." We complained about car trouble.

They looked like they lived on a tight budget and the jumper cables were a stretch. While we're chatting, I'm having a crisis. "Buy those jumper cables," I said to myself. "But, what if the