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Professional Coaching For You and Your Team

Danny Reding, ICF Credentialed Coach

Personal growth is key to professional development. I work with highly motivated individuals to help them create their unique personal growth plan, identifying their goals, taking stock of their strengths, and developing strategies to build a fulfilling career.

I’m particularly interested in how people prepare for the unexpected, how they respond to life’s speed bumps, detours, and road blocks. It's not a question of "if" but rather "when" they will happen so taking steps to prepare early will maximize your chances of making a successful transition to your next job or career.  Since effective communication is essential in every area of our lives, I offer focused training in this area with the goal of equipping you to be able to have effective conversations about even the most challenging topics. 

Life is lived in stages and it is important in every stage to prepare for what may come next. Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Working with a coach can give you the advantage you need for the success you want.

With degrees in music and theology I bring a high level of creativity and intellectual curiosity to my work with clients. As a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation I'm held to the highest standards in the industry for competence and professional confidentiality with my clients.


Danny Reding, ICF Credentialed Coach

Danny Reding, ICF Credentialed Coach

Professional development coach specializing in improving communication skills and career development.

What Clients Have to Say

"Danny's professional training and personal skills frame each of his coaching relationships uniquely. If you're at a crossroad in a career or life decision--blocked by uncertainties, stuck--his invitation to support you in thoughtful exploration and guide you to a significant outcome is one you should accept."

Wayne Clugston

Spring Arbor University and Seattle Pacific University

“Danny is so adept you might not even realize you're working with a coach except that the results ultimately speak volumes about his expertise.”

Ken Burger

Indianapolis, IN

“Danny and I had a few sessions a couple years back which really helped to clarify what I was looking for professionally that would bring purpose. This came at a time when I was stuck and unable to find work, and so frustrated by it that I'd lost sight of my passions.”

Stewart Bowerman,

Seattle, WA

“I really appreciate Danny’s work in personal and professional coaching.  He’ll help you take a step back, listen to what your needs are and help you refocus your vision for your business and improve your interactions so that they’re more effective and you’re achieving greater results."

Rosie Marlin

Bentonville, AR

   “A coaching session with Danny helped me achieve a pivotal shift in the way I had been framing a major career goal – and allowed me to move past assumed barriers to action and forge a new path toward my vision.” 

Kristy Posoccco,

New York, NY

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