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 What To Expect 

The Coaching Process In Four Steps

Facing a change at work?  Needing to realign your priorities?  Wrestling with an important decision? Having persistent "people" challenges?  Coaching is a proven resource for personal and professional development.  The process I use can be broken into four steps:

Personal coaching

I'll help you create the space you need to think about what's most important in your personal life or your career. We'll engage with some important questions that will help you see things from a new perspective.


Your goals and new path may require some new "tools". They may be new actions and attitudes that will help you keep moving ahead.  Or you may try out some new approaches to familiar challenges and look forward to greater success.  


Next we'll go deeper and look for the best way to accomplish your goals. We'll take a look at opportunities as well as any roadblocks that may be getting in your way.  You'll open up new ways of thinking and discover new possibilities.


Everyone needs encouragers in their life.  Think of the people who have encouraged you and the impact they made on your success - a parent, teacher, friend, or mentor.  I'll be there to encourage you as you keep moving forward.

Ready to begin?

Call or email to setup a 30 minute complementary conversation to explore options.

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