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Wayne Clugston

Co-founder of Bridgepoint Education in San Diego past vice president of Spring Arbor University and Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

"Danny's professional training and personal skills frame each of his coaching relationships uniquely. If you're at a crossroad in a career or life decision--blocked by uncertainties, stuck--his invitation to support you in thoughtful exploration and guide you to a significant outcome is one you should accept."

Steve Shearman

Director of Military Recruiting

J.B. Hunt, Lowell, AR

"I would like to say thank you for your invaluable coaching.  You have an amazing ability to coach someone to a solution. I mean it; it's amazing.  In both our calls; you were able, over the phone, in a short time, with limited information; to bring someone to a solution/realization/intervention/awareness.  I am grateful for your coaching skills and abilities."

Rob Farinholt

Business Development Manager, Retail Analytics - Cloud Services Bentonville, AR

"Danny is a true innovator. I met him at a primary networking event and watched his 60 second presentation transform the room, and me. He has since taken a message that resonates with everyone into the corporate cultures surrounding the world's largest retailer.  He is making a difference in this arena of business, and has only to continue sharing before he is in huge demand."

Joel Slachowitz

Sales and marketing solutions specialist; Bentonville, AR

"Danny is an expert at helping clients get to the root of issues in ways that they might not have thought of themselves. He has an approach that I would call a combination of 'thinking outside of the box/thinking outside of yourself.'"

Brian Maher

Field Director, Breakthrough Partners

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

With his intelligence, comes creativity and humor, which makes conversation and learning with Danny interesting and challenging. Danny has insights that go deeper than mere cognitive learning, insights that touch the soul.

Marty Folsom, PhD

Author of Face to Face Series, and Executive Director at Pacific Association for Theological Studies

Seattle, WA

Danny is a people-helper, with years of experience in church and community. He is a learner and a listener who does not give up, but pursues great outcomes and brings a tempered wisdom to see it through. His is a thinker, but an active person in bringing change for the good.

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