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Helping Job Seekers and Career Changers Prepare for Life's Next Steps
What if . . .

· You continue on your current path? 

· You want  to change careers?

· You need  to change careers?


How will you navigate life’s . . .

· Speed bumps when circumstances slow you down?

· Detours when you have to change course?

· Roadblocks when you have to back up and start over?

Job Search review

Want to find a new job?  Or maybe, you NEED to find a new job.  Maybe you've been looking without any results. Searching is a challenge.  So many options and places to look.  How do you know your using the best approach?  I can help you create a plan that can improve your chances of getting the job you want. 

Here’s what we’ll do in two parts over five weeks:

  • Part 1:  We’ll meet in person, by phone or video call for 60 to 90 minutes and review your current approach, make adjustments, and create a new plan.  We’ll talk about what you want/need from your next job.  You’ll leave this meeting with a tool kit to build your plan.

  • Part 2:  You put the plan to work and check in with me in short weekly meetings to make sure you’re on track and make any adjustments that might be needed.  We’ll do this for just four weeks.  By the end of that time you should see significant progress toward your goal of getting that job you’ve been wanting. 

  • The cost?  $375 for the entire program.

  • Will it be worth it? First, you're going to save a lot of time because you'll be using a targeted strategy and can stop spending hours browsing job boards on the internet. Then you'll reinvest that time in strategies are proven to be effective.  Next, you'll have someone in your corner to keep you motivated and on track.  We'll meet weekly for five weeks but we'll also be in touch by email and/or text messages between those scheduled meetings.  So, you can expect a return on your investment that will maximize your chances of getting a  job that is suited to your skills, strengths, and goals.  Now, you decide.  Will it be worth it?

Career Discovery

Looking for a career that is a better fit for your goals and strengths? Is the work you're doing no longer satisfying?  Maybe the management has changed and the things you liked about your workplace no longer apply.  Maybe you like the organization but you want to explore other options.  Or, it could be that you foresee changes on the horizon and want to be prepared - just in case.  

Career Discovery includes elements of the job search strategy but goes much further.  You'll take a deep dive into where you are at the moment, look at what has brought you to this place, define your ideal career future, and create a plan to move you forward.  This program can usually be done in 2 to 4 months, depending on your goals and time frame.

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