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Helping Job Seekers and Job Changers Prepare for Life's Next Steps
What if . . .

· You continue on your current path? 

· You want  to change careers?

· You need  to change careers?


How will you navigate life’s . . .

· Speed bumps when circumstances slow you down?

· Detours when you have to change course?

· Roadblocks when you have to back up and start over?

Job Search

Want to find another job quickly?  Job Search Review guides you through a detailed look at your current activities, including your resume and interviewing skills.  Based on your employment goal, I'll help you create a four week strategy that can significantly improve the effectiveness of your search and maximize the chance you will find a job that meets your needs and your goals.  The schedule includes an introductory 60 minute planning session followed by four weekly 30 minute meetings for coaching and support as you implement your strategy. 

Career Discovery

Looking for a career that is a better fit for your goals and strengths? Career Discovery includes elements of the job search strategy but goes much further.  You'll take a deep dive into where you are at the moment, look at what has brought you to this place, define your ideal career future, and create a plan to move you forward.  This program can usually be done in 8 weeks, depending on your goals and time frame.  Here's the framework: