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​The Breakthrough Creativity Workshop is based on the FourSight Creative Thinking System. Before the workshop, you and your team members will take their online assessment, a 36-question survey backed by 60 years of academic research and 20 years of scientific validation. 

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The System

The FourSight Creative Thinking System supports the people side of innovation, giving people the mindset and toolset they need to recognize opportunities, generate possibilities, develop solutions and implement them. Results from the assessment will help you prime the innovation pump with the critical catalyst of innovation—creative thinking. It all starts with the question: What kind of creative thinker are you?

Individual Report

You'll get a detailed look at your creative thinking preference in your individual report.  Where do you operate best in the creative process? Are you best suited to surface new ideas or are you the one to guide your project to completion? Your individual profile will give you a clear picture of where and how you make your best contribution.

Team Report

Your team profile shows you how your team works together in the creative process. Who are your innovators? Who makes sure the team stays on track and "gets things done?"  Who makes sure those great ideas are turned into effective plans? Knowing the creative thinking preference of each member enables you to place them in the right position and ensures their best performance. 

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 Breakthrough Creativity 

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