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Communication Lab

Develop your skills for effective dialogue,
especially in the most important situations.
Image by Joshua Ness
You can expect to . . .


Participants learn the dialogue skills demonstrated by top performers—
skills that help you talk with anyone about anything to reach alignment
and agreement on important matters.



These skills turn in to behaviors that improve decision making,
commitment to action, productivity, and relationships.



Consistent behaviors lead to organizations, teams, and individuals developing high-performance cultures based on trust and respect.

Three Options:
  1. Work one-on-one 

  2. Schedule for your team or group

  3. Join the next group

Did you know?
  • Couples who argue effectively are 10 times more likely to have a happy relationship  

  • 70% of workers are currently facing a difficult conversation with a boss, coworker or direct report.

  • 56% of people stay silent about a difficult issue for up to a year without addressing it. 41% keep silent for up to 4 years.

  • The cost of avoiding difficult conversations include lost time, lost revenue, and lost talent.

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