I help Job Seekers and Career Changers Prepare for Life's Next Steps
What if . . .

· You continue on your current path? 

· You want  to change careers?

· You need  to change careers?


How will you navigate life’s . . .

· Speed bumps

· Detours

· Roadblocks


You’ll engage in a focused process of exploration to reflect on your story, clarify your destination, and begin making plans to pursue the next steps on your horizon.  Whether you are at the beginning of your career or somewhere further along, Horizon is designed to help you chart your path with clarity, purpose, and a plan.


Job Search

Maximize your chances of landing a job you love.








Career Compass


Your Next Step?

Job Search

Maximize your chance of finding a job you love

We'll do a thorough review of your current activities, including your resume and  interviewing skills. Based on your employment goal I'll help you create an four week strategy that can significantly improve the effectiveness of your search and maximize the chance you will find employment as you continue to use your strategy.  The schedule will include an introductory 60 minute planning session followed by four weekly meetings of 30 - 45 minutes each. 

Career Discovery

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Career Discovery is for those who want a job and career that is better aligned with their values, strengths, and life goals.  This may include the job search strategy but goes much deeper and further.  You'll take a deep dive into where you are at the moment, look at what has brought you to this place, describe your ideal career future, and create a plan to move you forward. 

Career Discovery - Entrepreneur

chart your own path

For those who want to move beyond the traditional path. Using the research of William Bridges as a framework, we'll look carefully at four areas of your life and career:  Your desires, the things that you want from life and are your deepest motivators. Your abilities, those things you do best. Your temperament, who you are at your core. Your assets, what makes you unique, your experiences, accomplishments, and resources. 

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